What is Strategic Futuring?

Strategic Futuring™ is. . .

❧ A facilitated process.

❧ Developed over 20 years ago by Ray Rood a graduate professor interested in human development and helping people identify and achieve their life vision.

❧ Looks at where you’ve been, where you are now, and where you are going.  (it’s Macro-level planning for a lifetime, that recognizes the different stages we go through).

❧ It results in a vision-based plan, complete with Milestones, Goals and S.M.A.R.T Objectives.

❧ encourages “strategic partnerships”.  (We can’t go it alone, we need the right people on our team to support and challenge us along the way)

❧used by individuals AND organizations to create exciting, compelling plans and pathways to the future.

During the Strategic Futuring™ process you will:

❧ Clarify your values, strengths, challenges, and the things you’ve done that are most meaningful to this point in your life.

❧ Identify a vision for your life.

❧ Identify the key steps and decisions that need to be made to live your vision

❧ Create an “Action Plan” to help you get there.

❧ Identify who you need on your team to help you live your vision.

Strategic Furturing™ requires 5-8 hours, divided into 5 sessions, plus individual time to work on your personalized assignments.  Strategic Futuring™ Sessions retail for $395.  Additional coaching and support is available, pricing will vary.

Ready to Start your Strategic Futuring Journey?

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Strategic Futuring™ is a trademarked process under license of The Genysys Group, Claremont CA.


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