What others are saying

Here is what women who have taken their own Strategic Futuring™ with Amy are saying:

Amy serves as an excellent guide as you discover yourself.  She asks clarifying questions.  She helps you dig deeper as you reflect on your past experiences.  Through reflection, I’ve began to discover my combination of values and strengths.  When I thought my talents were pointing me in different directions, Amy helped me tie them all together.  I have a better understanding of what makes me unique.  Amy gave me tools to create a plan for my future in order to live intentionally.

❧ Strategic Futuring/Strengths Client- Beth M.


Amy has provided me with an invaluable service that I will be forever grateful for.   During the time I was working with Amy, I was going through my own informal “career redirection” process.   However, I would have never identified the path that I am now on without her guidance.  She helped me to truly think ‘outside the box’ and construct a career path that was unique to me, resulting from my individual passions, strengths and skill set.  I never truly believed that everyone didn’t have the same skills and strengths that are individual to me!  Considering the length of time I will work until my retirement, it’s very important to me to have personal fulfillment in my work in addition to compensation.  With the vision that Amy helped me to construct, I can’t wait to do the work vs. just looking forward to retirement age.

❧ Strategic Futuring/Strengths Client~Allison


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