I learned this sage advice from my dad.  Judges have good advice like that!

It’s easy in decision making (I find) to get tangled in a maze of “what if”, “but what about”, “did I think of”, “did I ask. . .”, “what will I know tomorrow, that I should know today”, AHHH. . it’s C.R.A.Z.Y. making. When I find myself, or people I know getting sucked into the vortex of “what if etc. etc. ” I come back to these wise words. . .


Ah, sometimes I will make the right decision (on purpose OR by accident. .  .) I have made lots of “right” decisions. Right decisions feel great, but they always lead to another decision!

Sometimes I’m going to make wrong decisions, to date it hasn’t resulted in the end of the world.  I learn, I readjust, apologize, start over, or just move on.  Lessons are learned and it’s usually alright in the end. (Again, my wrong decisions have yet to result in the end of the world as we know it!)

Never in Doubt. . Doubt is like “no-man’s land”. . . it’s a place where we are stagnate, we’re not moving, we’re certainly not being strategic stuck in ‘doubt’.  When I find myself in the wasteland of “doubt” I remind myself. . .

Sometimes Rights, Sometimes Wrong, Never in Doubt!!


What “Good Advice” to you use to when to get “unstuck”?