We can’t rely on the old map, in a new territory. . .

But how do we know that our old map isn’t working? And how do we find a new map?

Last week I was putting together an IKEA chair.  All was going well until I couldn’t get a long screw to “catch”  the little bolt as it was supposed to.  Time and time and time again I tried, It wasn’t working.  My mom who was helping me suggested turning the bolt around.  Bingo! It worked!  I was caught in task pursuit, trying the same thing over, and over, and over again (to NO avail), I needed new eyes, and a new map.

Quinn, in Deep Change, suggests the following “prescriptions” for “breaking the logic of task pursuit.” These are reflective ways to find a new map.

Listen Carefully

  • Listen carefully to what your heart and soul are telling you.
  • Listen carefully to the directions (if I would have studied the IKEA directions just a bit more carefully, I would have know which way to put the bolt!)
  • Listen carefully to the voices of wisdom in your life.

Try Reaching Back

  • Thinking back to what has brought you joy, pain, purpose.
  • Thinking to old hopes and dreams, what can those things tell you about your present?
  • Reach back to old friendships and relationships, to those “who knew you when”, what advice and insight do they have for you know, given who you were?

Reexamine your Motives

  • What is motivating you now? Safety? Security? Fear? Love?
  • Do you need new motives? Does thinking about this make you defensive. Why?
  • Have you original motives gotten out of alignment?

What ways or questions to you use when you find yourself using an old map, stuck in the “logic of task pursuit?


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