“An assessment of one’s current reality is essential if the next part of the journey is to be traveled well.”

Ray Rood Founder & President of The Genysys Group

In work I’ve done with organizations and with people the first step is always to define reality.  On the surface that seems pretty obvious.  Except, I’ve found that too often we aren’t really clear on what the reality we are living really is. In the business of life, we tend to react and respond without taking the time to stop and be clear about what and why are are reacting and responding.

Ray Rood, founder of The Genysys Group recently responded to a question about defining reality, he shared five questions he finds useful to define reality.

“I have found (these questions) helpful in defining my reality sometimes on the fly in anticipation of the next leg of my journey.”- Ray

What have I learned from my recent past?

I think often times we don’t know what we know, until we KNOW what we know.  Taking time to stop and think about what lessons have been emerging in your life helps you to know what you know.  As you stop to reflect you may find that something that has always worked well, isn’t working as well now, or something has started to work that didn’t use to.  Perhaps a relationship that use to be life-giving and helpful is starting to be a drain? Or a workout has become boring and no longer energizing? There are lots of lessons (big and small) waiting to be “harvested” when you take the time to reflect.

What do I know to be true and significant about my current reality?

Is there joy in what you are doing? Is there a sense of fear and dread? Whatever it may be, to identify what is true and significant begins to give us the tools to further embrace where we find ourselves or being a journey of change.

What do I need to do with this knowledge?

This is that “call to action” question.  How do you need to act on the information you have gathered from the first two questions?

With whom do I need to share my knowledge and learning?

We need partners in our life to support and challenge us.  Who do you need as a support in this season?

What kind of support and accountability do I need in order to maintain sufficient stability amidst the white water and winds of change that surrounded me?

I believe there are always people around who desire to support and challenge people in their growth.  As you become clear on what type of support that you need, it’s okay to ask people to support you in the way that you need.  I want to provide helpful and meaningful support in the lives of my friends, and I don’t always know what that is, so if someone can tell me what they need, I’m always happy to listen.

❧ Is it time for a “Reality Assessment” in your life?

❧ What questions help you to define reality in your life?