I love questions.

I think good questions, both the ability to ask them, and the courage to answer them are keys to personal growth and maturity.

Questions clarify what we know while challenging us that there is always more to know and understand about ourselves and the world in which we live.

Several months ago I was reminded of two questions that are good to ask in almost any situation.  The person sharing these with me framed these questions as questions that “tap into our intuition”.  He believed that we know what we know, we just don’t know what we know until we stop to ask ourselves what we know. (did you get that?)

These two questions seem pretty simple and straight forward. . . at first. However, when you take time to “work them into your life” the become challenging and also great tools for clarification.

Are you ready for these two questions?

❧What do you know?

❧What do you need to do about it?

Pretty simple right?  But, as you start to ask yourself through out the day, “Okay, what do I know about this situation? And given what I know, is there anything I need to do about this?”  They become calls to action.  They steer us away frompassive living. They challenge us to become active participants in our lives, not just “live and let live”.

These two questions are posted above my desk.  Every time I sit down they cause me pause to stop and think.  I find they call me to responsibility and action in my life.  When I think about “what do I need to do” often time I realize I must improve, challenge or participant in what is happening around me.

These questions call you “off the bench and into the game of life”

So proceed with caution!

❧ What do YOU know?

❧What do you need to DO ABOUT WHAT YOU KNOW?