Recently I was chatting with a woman about weakness.  Part of the Strategic Futuring process is identifying a few personal weakness and/or challenges.  It’s amazing to me how quickly and easily people are able to rattle off a LONG list, and yet when I ask them about Strengths. . those things they are really good at, it’s a lot harder to get people to talk.  But that’s not my point today!

As we talked about the five weakness she had listed I challenged her with, “Which of these weakness do you need to make friend with?”  It was met with a little bit of a blank stare, “make friends with my weakness?”

Here’s what I mean.  Math, is a weakness for me.  I know math is logical, two plus two equals four.  My mind just doesn’t work in a “mathy” sort of way.  It’s a weakness. I could invest a lot of time learning algebra and calculus and “conquoring” this weakness.  It just doesn’t seem like a good use of my time.  I’d rather invest my time and energy in my strengths! I’ve made friends with my weakness when it comes to all things math, and I bought a calculator. Done.  Math and I are friends. (And I have to say, it’s a great friendship!)

We all do have weakness that we need to address, character traits and things that generally get in the way of achieving our goals and dreams.  Those are not the weakness that we need to befriend.  Those are things we need to work to address. There is a difference between things that are annoying, and bothersome, and things that are keeping us from achieving our goals and becoming the person we were created to be. That said, I hold that somethings we categorize as “weakness” we just need to make friends with, make peace with and move on!

Living Strategically is about learning what you need to act on and address in a proactive and inventive way AND learning what you need to simply manage.  Some weaknesses we need to manage.  I manage not being good at math by getting a calculator.  Maybe you need to manage a weakness by asking for help, assigning someone else to a task, reframing something, or just “letting it go”  (I think somethings we obsess over, when we step back, might not matter so much in the end?!)

❧ Do you have any weakness or challenges in your life that you need to make friends with?

❧ How can you involve those around you in the process of “making friends” with a weakness?