Offensive and Defensive plays aren’t only for Basketball teams. . . I’ve come to believe that we all have Defensive days, or Offensive days. . .

A “defensive” day are those days we when we are constantly responding to things that are happening.  Part of being a mama will always be defensive, no matter how carefully you plan and schedule and build a routine; spilled milk, accidents, colds and crabby days will come! I find defensive days draining, I’m always responding never knowing quite exactly what’s coming next! On a “defensive” day I feel like a victim of my life always responding, not creating and building a life for myself and family like I picture it to be.  Defensive days are those days when I’m focused more on the doing and less on the being.

“Offensive” days are days when I feel like I’m creating the life I want to live for me, and my family.  When I’ve set out with a plan, when I understand how all that I have to do, relates and supports the vision I have for myself and my family.   Offensive days don’t necessarily mean that I’m crossing everything off my list, (but it can be) it can be a day at home coloring in our jammies!    Offensive days are not about the doing they are about the being.

When I do Strategic Futuring™ with women one of the first things we talk about are the 4 different ways that we approach the future.  Each approach has its own strengths, and limitations.  For some the trouble is we rely almost totally on “defensive” decision-making: Responding and Reacting to what is happening around us,  rather than “offensive” decision-making: Proactiveand Inventive that help create our future.

So, is today a Defensive Day, a day of responding and doing?

Or is today an Offensive Day of creating and being?

Do Less, Be More