Life’s best moments. . . you know, those moments or days that bring a smile to your face at just the thought.  Life’s Best Moments might be a wedding, birth of a child, those BIG moments, but what about those more mudane, yet equally as thrilling days?  Those days where nothing huge happened, but everything within ourselves seemed to be in alignment.  Days where our talents, strengths and values all seemed to line up.  Those days are some of life’s best moments too! I call them “Satisfying Achievements”.

Satisfying: because it fulfills something in your soul.  When we work out of our talents and our strengths it gives us energy, it gives those around us energy, it’s exciting!  The work feels like it’s no effort at all, and while we may give it everything and be physically exhausted at the end of the day, our minds and hearts are overflowing!

Achievement, because you did something that had meaning in the world.  You reached at goal, did something out of your own effort and skills.

Have you taken time recently (or ever) to reflect and think about your most satisfying achievements?

When I’ve taken the time to think about my life’s most satisfying achievements, what always surprises me is “themes” seem to emerge. . For me they always involve working/being with other people, I’m a born encourager/developer type person, and most of my most satisfying achievements  include encouraging people, helping them to spot hidden strengths or talents. I love to have new experiences, and many of my satisfying achievements include “going”. . . moments from the year that I lived in China, parts of the summer I spend traveling around south Asia encouraging North American College students who were teaching abroad.  My most satisfying achievements are times when I feel like I have given something of value to those around me, and it all seems to flow naturally from those things that I’m good at.

❧ Take some time to think about your most Satisfying Achievements. As you think about them, note what you were doing.

❧ Do you notice any theme that emerges?

❧ In your daily life now are you finding ways to do some of those same things that made your list?

❧ If you’re not, how can you add something into your life that uses your strengths and skills like your satisfying achievements?